Harmony (ONE)


Market Cap


Volume (24Hr)



10.56b ONE

Harmony (ONE)

18 September 2021





Exchange Pair Price Volume (24Hr) Volume (%)
Binance ONE/USDT $0 $52,509,697 75.70%
Binance ONE/BTC $0 $7,014,609 10.11%
Kucoin ONE/USDT $0 $6,349,881 9.15%
Binance ONE/BNB $0 $2,045,416 2.95%
Kucoin ONE/BTC $0 $663,246 0.96%
AscendEX (Bitmax) ONE/BTC $0 $330,774 0.48%
AscendEX (Bitmax) ONE/USDT $0 $309,450 0.45%
HitBTC ONE/BTC $0 $125,946 0.18%
Hotbit ONE/USDT $0 $20,011 0.03%

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